Laser-assisted in Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) is a refractive surgery that helps correct impaired vision and provides a lasting solution for different vision problems – mild or severe. LASIK is more than an alternative to eyeglasses and contact lenses, as patients experience the sharpest vision possible after the surgery. 

Aside from the excellent result it brings, LASIK heals your vision very fast. You are expected to get results after the first 24 hours of all things being perfect. Meanwhile, the healing process is continuous. It takes about two weeks for a LASIK patient’s vision to restore to its ideal state. And when it happens, it remains correct for a lifetime. Without a doubt, LASIK is the best vision correction option if you are qualified to undergo the procedure.

I will let you in on a secret. After lasik eye surgery, people are expected to do certain things to get the correct result when due. Of course, LASIK works wonders. But it requires your cooperation. Oops! You have just learned that LASIK quick recovery is not automatic. 

Shockingly, some people don’t get to see the quick result after they have gone for LASIK. As a matter of fact, some don’t get a corrected vision until after six months or even beyond. Does that mean that LASIK is impotent? NO! The principal reason is that those people have not learned about LASIK aftercare procedures

Without proper aftercare treatment, you may continue to experience the same sight difficulty for several months without any changes. Hence, you have to be deliberate enough to adhere to your surgeon’s aftercare instructions strictly. One important notice how committed you are to those instructions will determine how quickly you recover. 

So, what are the things you must do to have a perfect sight after a LASIK procedure in the shortest time possible? I have helped you compile the five MUST-DO aftercare treatments prescribed by seasoned LASIK surgeons with vast experience. Let’s get to work!

The 5 Must-Do Aftercare Treatment To Aid Quick Recovery After A LASIK Procedure

1. Find a driver

The first thing to do when preparing for LASIK surgery is to get a driver ready for the trip. The idea is that the driver would drive you when coming back from the LASIK surgery center, so you could arrange that he takes you there. 

Why is that important? You need to relax your eyes immediately after the LASK procedure, so it can be very wrong to engage in any activity that strains the eyes. Driving requires total concentration and focus of the eyes. If you attempt it after a LASIK, you might be putting your eyes in grave danger. 

Besides, you didn’t get perfect vision immediately after the surgery. Typically, your vision gets blurry within the first few hours. Hence, driving yourself home can be suicidal in that situation. 

The 5 Must-Do Tips To Aid Quick Recovery After A LASIK Procedure

Of course, you can also hire a cab if you have the financial capacity. But, the best thing to do is to find a loyal friend that can spare some hours to be your driver. That’s because the kind gesture doesn’t end with driving. You will need somebody to take you from the car to your bedroom. Straining your eyes after the surgery would delay your quick recovery or even damage your sight.

2. Dress simply

I don’t expect you to dress like a banker resuming his official duty when going for a lasik eye surgery. Yet, I deem it essential to remind you to wear a simple outfit to the center. Women especially need to be more cautious as they like to dress to taste on different occasions. 

Well, going for a LASIK doesn’t mean you should look unkempt. You have all the right to wear something nice but make sure they are soft enough. The idea is to wear something that makes you feel comfortable. Though the LASIK procedure doesn’t take much time, you need to understand it’s still surgery. Avoid wearing sunglasses, a wristwatch, necklace, and other accessories

3. Eat good meal after surgery 

You must have heard that food is medicinal; here’s a time to buttress that fact. A good meal is among the less-known factors that aid quick recovery after a LASIK procedure. In most cases, you will return home hungry even if you ate like a king before going into the surgery room. So, it is wise that you have already pre-planned what you will eat when you return. 

The 5 Must-Do Tips To Aid Quick Recovery After A LASIK Procedure

Many people don’t get the correct result because they don’t know this little secret. Don’t miss it! Mind you, it is not about eating heavily. Just make sure you eat a balanced diet filling before and after the surgery. That way, your vision’s healing process becomes faster.

4. Administer our aftercare medication properly

One of the things that delay quick recovery after LASIK is that people plateau after seeing some encouraging results in their vision. That is not ideal! After your LASIK procedure, your surgeon will give you some aftercare medications inform of eye drops to administer according to a specific dosage. If you desire quick healing, the best thing you can do for yourself is to stay faithful with the aftercare medications and use them according to dosage.

Besides, your aftercare medication might lose potent if you don’t store them in a dry, cool place. Do you have a refrigerator? You are good to go!

5. Don’t expose your eyes to top rays of light 

After a LASIK procedure, you are expected to stay away from some entertaining activities within the first two weeks to aid in quick results. Avoid the rays of light that come from the screen of your mobile phone, television, computer, and other gadgets. It will not only delay the result but also damage your vision.   

Is life going to be boring without entertainment? I think many of us cannot survive without pressing our phones. You can ask a family member to help you attend to your phone while waiting for a perfect vision.


Rest is essential. Make sure you get a very sound sleep when you return home immediately after eating. Relaxing your eyes is very crucial when it comes to quick recovery after a LASIK surgery. It is good to move to a private room free of dist5raction to rest for as long as possible without being disturbed.